We are navabi. navabi is a network-based organisation without hierarchy that strives for compassion and human excellence. As a team, but also as a business, we want to enable others to express themselves: By providing an outstanding fashion assortment for our customers and an unconventional work life for our team members that is based on the following pillars:


Friendship, love, empathy: we see every team member and our customers as a whole.


Every navabi team member should become the best version of themselves: spiritually, emotionally and professionally.


Performance is a sign of mastery and without it, nothing is sustainable.


Life is short. We want to have fun every day!

Rebel Factor

We dare to think big and do what makes sense even if it means breaking rules.

How we do things around here:

An intentional growth plan, an outstanding feedback culture and lots of autonomy and freedom will enable you to have an accelerated development.

At navabi team members are encouraged to bring their all to the job. What we have in common is that everyone of us sees their role not only as a job but as a calling. Therefore you work in a team of extremely passionate and driven people!

We do not have strict job designs. The network structure allows you to find your individual strengths and to have impact on which ever business area you want. You can kick off your own projects and regular strengths-based development sessions will help you to find your own individual career path.

When joining the navabi team, we will first find out what makes you tick, what your passion is and what your personal strengths are. Based on these strengths, we will support you to become the best version of yourself and be on a steep growth curve.

The core principles of our structure are: Autonomy, Purpose and Wholeness.

Autonomy describes the way our teams learn to manage and lead themselves better. There are no managers; goals and projects can be suggested proactively and everyone has a say in setting the team strategy.

Evolutionary purpose describes the fact, that navabi follows a direction and has a reason for being. This purpose is not set by leaders but born from within.

Wholeness means, that at navabi you don’t only bring your professional self, but your whole self to work. This is your personal commitment and promise, and in return we promise to also treat you as a whole: A person with passions, strengths, weaknesses, fears and ambitions.

We are really excited to get to know you!

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Based in the beautiful city of Cologne, founded in 2009

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