Recruiting new navabistas for our team is one of the most important things we can do to succeed and we take it very seriously! Are you applying for one of our open positions and you want to know what the recruiting process will look like? This article will give you an overview of what to expect when applying for a permanent position at navabi.

Our approach to recruiting and building the team is a bit unconventional. We have a general idea of the gaps that we are trying to fill with talented people, but we do not start with a very detailed role description and try to squeeze people in. Instead, we try to find the brightest and most talented minds and build a role around their strengths. This means that you would be able to design your new job the way you always dreamed of. We believe that every individual has unique strengths and we do our best to put together a role for you where you can do what you do best every day. 

The only characteristics that we always expect future navabistas to bring to the table are

a deep desire to constantly improve yourself both professionally and personally through intentional learning, the ability to self-manage and think independently, and most importantly a kind and compassionate nature.

Recruiting at navabi is mostly done by our own Human Resources team. As soon as you have sent us your application, the steps that we follow are explained below. They might differ slightly per role, but it gives you a general idea of what’s waiting for you.

Step 1: First call with HR

As soon as we have made a first selection based on the CVs that we receive, you will be invited to a first call with the recruiter responsible from HR. During this call, it is the recruiter’s goal to get to know you better, talk about your motivation, your experience so far, and your wishes for the future. Of course we will also tell you a bit more about navabi and will answer any questions that you have. 

Step 2: Second call with hiring manager

The second call will be together with the hiring manager from the team that we are hiring for. This person is an expert in their respective field and will ask you some more technical questions. You will also be able to get more detailed insights into the team and the work that they are doing. 

Step 3: Case

For some roles, we ask you to prepare a short case containing work samples. This allows us to test some of your technical skills that you would need for the position. Your results on the case are the best predictor for us to guarantee your future work success. And of course you will get an idea of what a task of your day-to-day work might look like. If you apply to an internship, you won’t have to work on a case.

Step 4: On-site interview

Now it’s time to meet the team! You will be invited to our headquarter in Cologne to present yourself and your case to 2-3 team members and your HR contact person. They will ask you some further technical questions and, of course, will answer all your questions.

Step 5: Final decision

Together with the team we will make our final decision and hopefully welcome you on board as a new navabista!

Last but not least some tips for your application:

  • We really wanna get to know you right from the start so please do not only send your CV but also a cover letter, reference letters and, if possible work samples or your portfolio. Of course the latter will mostly apply to graphic designers, designers etc. and less to e.g. accountants 😉
  • “To whom it may concern” and “Dear Sir or Madam” is not really navabi-style. Communication at navabi is easy going and last names basically don’t exist. You can call everyone by their first name.
  • We are looking for personalities, not set phrases! The more authentic your application, the better. As long as we can see that your application is filled with heart and compassion, there’s nothing you can do wrong!
  • Are you worrying about what to wear to your interview? Well, don’t! We don’t have a dress code at navabi – neither during, nor after our recruiting process. Just wear, whatever you feel most comfortable in!
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