Hi, I’m Lily! I’m from Taiwan, currently doing my master degree in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

As an international student who doesn’t speak German, I was looking for an opportunity which doesn’t require German skills. It was especially difficult in the marketing field which usually needs the relevant language skills because of the content communicated to the audience. navabi has markets and customers in English speaking countries as well so German is not a must here. Besides, I’m very interested in the fashion industry and e-commerce; therefore, navabi was a good option for me to do the internship.

I really like the working environment and the atmosphere here. I feel that the company is rather people-oriented because it shows the care for its people in many different ways. For example, when it was someone’s birthday, some people would show the blessings to that person all together. Besides, the company has a very nice onboarding system to make sure the new people can adapt to the new environment smoothly.

I did my internship in the marketing team. I think the people in the team are all very nice and supportive. When I had questions, they were always willing to answer and offer help. I inspected landing pages of the website and optimized them if possible. I also did keyword research for content ideas and I created some new landing pages for certain projects as well. I learned a lot of skills regarding SEO marketing such as keyword research, how to optimize the contents, what are the important metrics to keep tracking, and some html skills which are something that I’d never thought that I’d do, but it was definitely interesting. I also learned some extra knowledge when joining team meetings. For example, I learned the approach OKR (objectives and key results), which is used to record and review the goals and performances of the company, each team, and each individual. I also got an opportunity to have job rotation at the warehouse. It was a very special experience for me to have a closer look on the logistics of an e-commerce.