navabi is an international team, so new employees move to Aachen from abroad. During a city tour we were able to translate Aachen into different languages: Aix-la-Chappelle (fr), Aken (dutch), Akwisgran (poln), Aquisgrán (sp.), Aquisgrana (it, port), Cáchy (Czech). So the name derives from Latin “Aquae or Aquis”, or more often Aquisgrani.

The Romans already knew it: hot springs flow in Aachen, here you can live well. And so Aachen can look back on 2000 years of history with many sights. The Romans settled here in Aachen because they appreciated the thermal springs that lie in the middle of today’s city centre.

The Katschhof, a secret hint among the sights of the city of Aachen and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, also radiates this charm of the historical of the pulsating student city of Aachen in the midst of the present: on one side the cathedral, where the royal coronations of the Middle Ages took place, on the other the Gothic town hall, on the foundations of Charlemagne’s Palatinate. And all around, self-confident and worth seeing town houses of the last centuries add a very special stimulating flair to strolling in Aachen’s pedestrian zone.