The last few months have been very exciting and eventful for all of our navabistas. We left our beloved Aachen and moved to Cologne, to a new and more modern office! Now that the biggest moving stress is over, we can all get used to our new home and settle in peacefully. In the gallery below you can get some insights into our new office. Beautiful right? We feel very good here!

For everyone who is also interested Cologne, we have summarized a few highlights of the city here:

1- Rhine
Cologne offers a lot of what is missing in Aachen: water! The Rhine invites to long walks on the shore, beach parties or bike trips. Here you can enjoy the end of the working day!

2- Dom
You can see it from afar, the landmark of Cologne: the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) . Not only has it been designated a World Heritage, it is also the second largest church in whole Germany.

3- Zoo
More than 700 animal species can be admired in the Cologne Zoo and the aquarium next to it. In order to do justice to all the different animals from different continents, the natural living conditions were reproduced as best as possible. There is a tropical hall, a spacious elephant park, a jungle house and much more. In addition to animal feeding and lectures, animal shows also take place here.

4- cable car
If you want to see Cologne from the top, you can use the Cologne cable car. The 930 meter long ride over the Rhine offers a view over Cologne’s old town and the surrounding area.

5- Chocolate Museum
Big and small sweet tooths are right here. In the Chocolate Museum you can learn everything about the production of chocolate and in the end you can even try the chocolate yourself.

6- events
Cologne is the right place for event lovers. In addition to countless concerts and shows, musicals and, among other things, the “Kölner Lichter” (Germany’s biggest fireworks) also take place here.

7- nature
Even in a big city like Cologne there is the possibility to spend time in nature. Countless parks, the flora and the botanical garden invite you to do so. In summer you can walk there and enjoy the scents of flowers and plants. In winter you can warm up in the conservatory palace.