Three months ago we started one of our biggest projects in 2019 – our new TV spot. 

First of all, we asked ourselves what is was that navabi needed most for a remarkable TV spot… The answer is: inspiring models with real curves and internal beauty that makes them shine from the inside as well as on the outside. Since for us our customers are our biggest source of inspiration and the most glamorous women you could possibly find, we decided to shoot with them instead of “real” models. That’s why we invited our customers to a big casting.

More than 2.000 beautiful women applied! We couldn’t believe how many great, confident and strong women we would get to know. After getting a first overview we asked 50 candidates to send us a short video of themselves. You can only imagine how hard it was to make a final decision and pick only a few out of so many amazing applicants for the TV spot. Once we made a choice we couldn’t be happier with it!

In two exciting days we shot the new TV spot in Madrid with our five newborn stars and everyone did a phenomenal job. We’re more than proud of our models, the team, and the results. We got the chance to get to know our customers better and created unforgettable memories full of fun and laughter during these days. Every single candidate impressed us with their positive energy, strength and heartiness, which is why the whole navabi team wants to say THANK YOU to all of them. We are incredibly thankful for playing such a great role in your lives and being able to make it a bit better.

We hope you love our new TV spot as much as we do!