navabi’s HQ is located in Aachen, Germany. Why is this such a great city to be? We’ve listed a few highlights for you here.

1 – Tripoint

Aachen is located in the very west of Germany. It’s right at the border where Germany meets the Netherlands and Belgium, a so-called tripoint. This makes Aachen the perfect location to visit the other countries for even just a day!

2 – Surrounding cities & location in Europe

We know that Aachen is not the biggest city with around 250.000 inhabitants. However, the true metropolitans amongst us can benefit from Aachen’s central location in Europe. In Nordrhein-Westfalen you can find cities like Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Dortmund. Other big European cities like Brussels, London, Amsterdam, and Paris are easy to reach by both car and train. So Aachen is the ideal location for day or weekend trips to explore Europe!

3 – Top city for expats

According to this website, Aachen is the number one city for urban work life for expats! The city scores especially well in terms of job security, working hours, and work-life balance. Another good reason to choose Aachen!

4 – Surrounding nature

For people that do not always want to seek out busy city life in their spare time, the area around Aachen provides perfect (day or longer) getaways. Not far from the city, the Eifel National Park spreads from eastern Belgium to southwest Nordrhein-Westfalen. This is a beautiful area to hike, mountainbike, camp, swim, and relax. You can find a long distance hiking trail here, the Eifelsteig, that connects Aachen to Trier.  

5 – Historic city centre

Aachen is a city with a rich history, which is still very much visible in the historic city centre. During medieval times, Charlemagne settled in his favourite city Aachen and named it the capital of his empire. He had the famous cathedral in Aachen built that is now one of the main sights in Aachen. The city is located on hot sulphur springs, which makes it a natural spa and is one of the reasons why Charlemagne loved Aachen so much. The sulphuric water comes out at the Elisenbrunnen in Aachen’s city centre, where you can dip your hands in the hot water.

6 – Student city & university

Aachen is well known for its university of technology, the RWTH, which is the largest of its sort in Germany and one of the most renowned in Europe. This university has a total of more than 45,000 students, including over 10,000 international students from 145 different countries. [Source]

7 – Character

The people in the Rhineland area (where Aachen is located) are known for their special character traits; they are in general open-minded, easy-going, happy. To other people they are welcoming and warm. Also honesty and being straightforward are part of the real Aachen mentality. The slang spoken in Aachen, called Öcher platt, is influenced by French and will be directly recognised in any other place in Germany. It is for example typical for people speaking Öcher platt to mix up the German “sch” and “ch” sound.

8 – Activities

In case you are looking for some interesting and fun events to attend in your free time, Aachen can offer you this as well! Besides the September Special, during which plenty of bands are playing all around the city for a weekend, the CHIO, one of the most famous equestrian competitions in the world, the Oecher Band, a big funfair which is here twice a year, or Sport im Park, an outside group-sports offer, there are plenty of stage plays, markets or exhibitions throughout the year. To get a better overview of all events and shows you can have a look here.

And much more!