The premium Manon Baptiste range has all your 9-5 wardrobe needs covered, while helping out-of-work, low income women back into the workplace.

So who are Smart Works? Smart Works are a fabulous charity that provide high quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to out-of-work women on low incomes. Their goal is to help these women feel confident, look good, succeed at their job interview and move on with their lives. And they are hugely successful – over half of the women they see go on to get a job.

However, much like the majority of the population, most of the women Smart Works see are plus size, while most of their donations are standard size. And this is where navabi has stepped in. Having already worked closely with the charity, the two have now joined forces with a special Manon Baptiste workwear collection.

So how does it work? The collection works on a one-for-one basis, with a Manon Baptiste workwear style donated for every item sold. So you can refresh your 9-5 wardrobe and dress a woman through Smart Works at the same time. It’s feel-good fashion at its finest.