As a part of their studies, Sarah and Sandra did an internship at navabi in the Own Brands team. Sarah studies Fashion Design at the Hochschule Trier and Sandra Textile and Clothing Engineering focused on product development at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach.

Sarah: When I was looking for an internship, I got curious about navabi because I liked the concept of focusing on one group of customers. I really liked the idea of special and stylish clothes that are not only following the current trends but are flattering and give a good feeling to their owner as well. 

Sandra: A fellow student of mine did her internship at navabi and she told me that she was very happy with her team and with the area of responsibility. She said she learnt a lot. Also, the job advertisement on navabi’s company homepage was very attractive to me. For me as a product developer it was especially important that I would support the team during fittings and to communicate with the suppliers.

Both Sandra and Sarah have now been at navabi for almost 5 months. How did they experience navabi as a company and the Own Brands team?

Sarah: What I really like at navabi is the relaxed and creative atmosphere. I appreciate special events like the “Fashion Tuesday” where everyone at navabi dresses up for a defined trend motto. I have never experienced something comparable at another employer and I think it’s quite funny and good to get in contact with people of other departments. This also counts for the “job rotation” days that have enabled me to learn something about the other divisions too. For example, I spend a full day in the photo studio helping the team and having a look at their daily work.

Sandra: I like the laid-back atmosphere in the company. There are several teams for each department, but everyone stays in contact with each other – it doesn’t matter in which team you are.

Sarah: The Own Brands team is quite small and therefore everyone is connected to each other. That makes it comfortable to work together, because you know your reference persons and you get really close to the daily work. In comparison to large teams, you get to know the processes more intensively, you’re involved in everything that happens, and you can learn so much.

Sandra: Everybody is friendly and open-minded in the Own Brands team. They take time to explain things. They trust me and I can do my work very independently.

In internships at navabi, you will be given lots of freedom and great responsibilities. Sarah and Sandra were responsible for measuring new samples for fittings, taking photos of the new styles during fittings, and documenting what should be changed about the styles. These comments they then communicated to the international suppliers. They also made technical drawings of new designs, describing the new design, and giving all important information to the supplier (which fabric, measurements, detail description, technical drawing, etc.). Sarah has styled several mood boards for trend topics and had the possibility to create a part of the collection for one of the labels. Sandra set up guidelines for the suppliers to show the suppliers how to measure in the right way. She also created a quality reference guide of international care label layout of the clothing industry.

Would you recommend an internship at navabi to other students?

Sarah: Since I could fulfill many tasks on my own and had been given much responsibility, I would definitely recommend an internship in the Own Brands team. It is possible here to do something that gives you the feeling that you can reach something in your work and be a part of the company’s success. In comparison to other internships, you’re given a lot of trust and responsibility that you can use to learn quickly and collect new experiences.

Sandra: Yes, I would. For an internship as a designer it is perfect. You can improve your skills in how to create a mood board, design new styles, assess the samples on a fitting model, and comment on it. As a product developer I learned a lot of new things which I didn’t learn during my studies.