Sport is an important part of navabi’s culture since 2014 with different offers like CrossFit, Pilates or football.

At the moment all navabistas can take part in the yoga course every Wednesday from 18:15 to 19:30. Yoga is for the mind and body because it helps to relax, relieve stress, strengthen muscles and relieve back problems. In the so-called “Play Hard Area” in the office there is enough space, so the employees don’t have to leave navabi and drive to a studio. Yoga can also be a short break at work.

The course starts with breathing exercises to get on and off. The following 45 minutes are a mix of familiar and new exercises, which are also helpful. Everyone is helped and attempts are made to solve individual problems. The participants can express their wishes, for example if they would like to do more demanding exercises or just relax. The last 15 minutes consist of stretching and feeling the whole body. Ultimately, it is important to lie completely relaxed and feel each part of the body separately.

After the course you have the possibility to ask questions, e. g. which exercise was for which part of the body. The whole course is accompanied by meditation music to make it as easy as possible to switch off after the working day.